ANNOUNCEMENT (March 2, 2018)


It has come to the Organizing Committee’s attention that some of you have been having difficulties transferring funds to the University of Botswana account using the details we had previously provided. I have since consulted with the finance UB office a s well as the bank to get clarity and assistance on how we can facilitate easy transactions on the conference delegates’ part.

It turns out that the information that we were given was not very accurate and the office has now given us the information which we hope will enable everyone to transact easily(highlighted in red is the new information):

Bank Details:


BANK NAME:                                  STANDARD CHARTERED BANK


Physical Address : Standard House Building, Queens Road, Gaborone, Botswana

ACCOUNT NUMBER:                    0100110109600

BRANCH NAME:                            MALL BRANCH

BRANCH CODE:                             662167

SWIFT CODE:                                   SCHBBWGX

REFERENCE:                                    IGALA    WS 098

CONTACT PERSON (UB):              Nicholas Keitshokile

TEL:                                        +2673554071

FAX:                                        +2673959390

EMAIL ADDRESS:                 nicholas.keitshokile@mopipi.ub.bw

The banking system in Botswana does not use IBANs. Those whose systems only recognizes IBANS for international transfers can inform us so that they can pay on the first day of the conference without penalty.




The International Gender and Language Association biennial conferences bring together linguists from different specialist areas such as discourse studies, linguistic anthropology, conversation analysis, sociolinguistics, performance studies, corpus linguistics, communication studies, cultural studies, feminist stylistics, queer studies and many more, to share findings of scholarly research on issues related to language, gender and sexuality.

The 10th conference of 2018 will be held in Gaborone, Botswana from June 20-22, and will address the broad theme “Gender, Language and Sexuality in Multicultural Contexts”.

The sub-themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Transnational discourses of gender and sexuality
  • Language, gender and sexuality in conflict/war zones
  • Gender, language and human migration
  • Gender, language and sexuality in border-less communities
  • Language and body politics in the new media
  • Language, alternative sexualities and social media
  • New/ social media, democracy, sexual and gender politics
  • Gender, sexuality and religious/cultural diversity
  • Language, gender, sexuality and youth cultures
  • Language, gender and sexuality and indigenous cultures

Abstracts are invited on the above theme. The abstracts should focus on one or all aspects of each sub-themes.

  • Abstracts must be in English and not more than 250 words long, in MS Word.
  • Paper presentations will be 30 minutes long (20 minute talk plus 10 minute discussion).

The sub-themes should not be treated as restrictive, and authors can choose any topic as long as it is relevant to some aspect of the main theme, and specifically looks at some aspect of language. Inter-disciplinary papers that involve language analysis are welcome. Abstracts that do not include a linguistic element will not be accepted.

Special Panels: Those who wish to submit proposals for special panels can do so.  The panels proposer should indicate the topic, the participants and their roles, as well as any other information that will enable the organizers to prepare adequately for them. The panel proposals should not exceed 400 words.

Posters: Poster presentations are also invited and abstracts should be not more than 250 words.

For more information on how to submit your abstract click on the submission link on the home page.